Follow the DEVELOPMENT updates to know when commercial distribution will begin..


The basic model will starts at $5,000 unless previous arrangement for pre-order at $3,950.00

Shipping costs

$500 for domestic delivery within the continental US. This rate includes crating.

Contact us  enclosedbike@gmail.com

Test drives will be available in Chicago and Zion, IL. Please follow the DEVELOPMENT to see when they will begin.

To schedule a drive test please write us at:



8 thoughts on “Ordering

  1. Hi, Turbo Bob here (Turbo Bob’s Bicycle Blog). As I continue to report on velomobiles, I have an interest in doing a full review on yours. As I live in San Diego, it makes me wonder if we can arrange an afternoon (or longer) for me to spend the needed time to be able to report on the Ego Urban Transporter?
    Thanks, please get back to me.


    • Hi Bob,
      The Ego that you saw in the video is only a prototype to present the concept to the public. As a prototype it doesn’t have the 750 watts motor yet. And I’m working in a completely new frame and steering. I want the Ego to be as similar as possible, seating, view, etc, to a car. Just to make it user friendly. I will be glad to spend time talking about Ego when I have a “mule” that is close to the production Ego.


  2. Hi – based on other velomobile pricing, and the fact that people here on Vancouver Island pay $3,000+ for Pedego e-bikes that still leave you in the rain, I think you could have a winner if you decide to export these to Canada. You’d just need to retard the output to 500w. Eager to see Bob’s review once it’s out.


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