Real Ego 1Where can I ride the Adler? It’ll be used anywhere it is legal and safe to ride a bicycle: bike paths, bike lanes, roads with a decent shoulder, and roads with slower moving traffic.

What is the Adler made of? Steel frame and a composite shell.

Does the Adler have windshield wipers? The Adler is designed to shed rain water, windshield wipers in most cases aren’t really necessary.

How big is it? It’s 92” long x 36” wide x 56” tall (4’8’)

Can the seat be adjusted? The Adler’s seat doesn’t adjust; however, the distance to the pedals can be adjusted to accommodate short and tall riders.

Do I need a license to operate the Adle? No, according to US Federal standards, the Adler will be legally classified as bicycle and is subject to the same laws and regulations. However, some states do have age restrictions for electric assisted bikes. Some states might classify the Ego as a moped and consequently will have licensing requirements for riders.

Is it legal in all 50 states? The Adler is classified as a bicycle under the federal guidelines listed in 15 U.S.C. 2085(b) which state that they must have a 750w or smaller motor, and have a top speed of 20 mph when driven by a 170 pound rider on electric power only.

Many states have their own regulations that vary from the federal standards. We encourage you to research the rules in your own area.

How easy is it to repair? A competent bike mechanic should have the skills to repair it. A mechanic with electric bikes experience will be able to repair it.



8 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Salutations! I noticed that the development page doesn’t seem to load. I would be very interested in learning more about the products development and any possible career opportunities should any become available.


  2. I’d like to buy one if they suggested price stays within the 2000$

    I can’t buy if you can’t offer a 500watt version, only because some places restrict to a max of 500W.

    Seems a bit tricky to get in, will there be a quick release to bend the handlebar stem?
    I hope you could place the light a bit higher for better visibility and better view of the road.
    Adding some support to the back to allow hanging a plastic bin or at least suspend some bags would be convenient.
    Those are the only tweaks I would like to see, hope you get it off the ground, I’d gladly drive there to pick one up once it goes on sale, if I can’t get it shipped to my country.


    • Eric,
      It will be difficult to keep the price under the 2000’s. My goal is to keep the price as low as possible. There is no problem to set the motor for 500w instead of 750w. The Adler prototype has a quick release to bend the handle bar and behind the seat, which has a back support, will have a small compartment to carry things. Also there will be a regular door for better access. I’m really curious about “your country”… are you Canadian?


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