The Adler will be a fully enclosed pedal powered tricycle with an electrical assist motor. Because the Adler is legally a bicycle, no license or insurance is required to operate. It can travel on bike paths, park on sidewalks and requires no gas, license, registration or insurance.


Electric speed: 20 mph

Speed limits for power assisted bikes are often set by the individual states. In general, most states require that that the maximum speed not exceed 20 mph. For this reason, as well as safety we recommend that you do not exceed the local limits and in no event exceed 20 mph.

Electric range: 30+miles

The Adler can be used totally in electric mode without pedaling. Mileage varies depending on terrain, person’s weight, and temperature.

Assist range: 40+ miles

You also can pedal with “electric assist”, which means that as the same time you pedal you twist the throttle of the electric motor to aid your pedaling. Pedaling will increase the range of your battery package.

Electric motor:

The motor produces 750 watts, which is big enough to get you up and down hills and where you need to go with little or no sweat.

Use as a bicycle only

It’s possible to use the Adler as a regular bicycle, but the Adler was designed to be electrically assisted.




6 thoughts on “Adler

  1. Dear,

    I am interested in buying an Adler tricycle. I would lime to know how much it costs.
    Is it possible to ship to brazil?

    Thank you


    • Dear Marcos,
      We are still in the prototype stage. We are testing the new frame for the Adler. We will, in the future, modify the entry. We want to place a door, just like a regular car. Because of all these changes, we are not ready for production.
      The estimate cost is 3,900.00 US dollars. Once in production, we could ship it anywhere around the world but cost of shipping and import taxes will be paid by the costumer.
      Thank you for your interest in the Adler,
      Eliel Rojas


  2. I am seeking an ADLER like vehicle with the following characteristics
    Tandem seating for 2
    Cargo room for 3 or so bags of groceries
    Potential for solar charging while at work
    Expansion room for optional additional battery pack
    Curt Brasier


    • Curt,
      I’m sorry to tell you that the Adler has no possibility to become a tandem. The other possibilities for cargo, solar charge and battery pack expansion can be customized. We are not in production yet.
      Thank you for your interest in Enclosed Bikes,


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