The Adler is the next step from the Ego prototype. What is the difference? The Adler will have a door, just like a car. It will be a fully enclosed velomobile. The Adler will have a different structure and a different motor than the Ego. The Adler is what is called a mule, a testing vehicle to refine the final product.

In this section we’ll post the updates in the development of the Adler and target dates for production.

The new frame is finished (but this is not the final one, there are modifications to be made for the production one). The production motor is in place and the production battery package selected. We like how it rides, but we’ll add also suspension in the front. 10/03/162016-09-22-007

Back to the drawing board: The Adler being prepared to get a door and resized side windows. 11/03/16update-november