Car replacement

The enclosed body of the Adler allows you to go places without getting wet and the electric motor enables you to do it without sweating.

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The Adler can be used for commutes, resorts, gated communities, college campuses, and urban living.


You can enjoy the benefit of exercise as you pedal to get to places.


The Adler has high external visibility. Its high is the same as the standard vehicle. It has excellent all around visibility. It also includes front and back lights, turn signals and reflectors

Economical  & sustainable

The only cost to operate the Adler is the minimal cost of recharging your batteries. The electricity to charge the batteries can be purchased or produced from sustainable renewable energy sources such as wind or solar, making the vehicle 100% sustainable.


The Adler is priced lower than most velomobiles in the market. The Adler will pay its own cost with the savings in gas, not paying car insurance nor parking fees.


2 thoughts on “Benefits

    • Hi David,
      No, I don’t have that option. What you see in the video is prototype. We are working in the actual model. We just got the battery pack. It’s a 48v 18Ah, lead acid. I expect that this package will give you at least 30+ miles in only electric mode (which is more than I previously had anticipated). I’m assuming that people want to pedal since this is a tricycle. Then pedaling you’ll get 40+miles, which is more than the average commute in the States. In that case a full charge at night will be sufficient for the whole day without the need of a fast recharge. The disadvantage with ‘fast chargers’ is that they reduce the life of the battery. The charger that we will use is a 3 Amp. (slow charge). You can use a fast charger for this battery. We would recommend, and make available a 6 Amp, but would still take about 2 hours for a full charge.


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