Enclosed Bikes


Enclosed Bikes is committed to design sustainable urban transportation. Our prototype the Ego was designed to present the concept of Enclosed Bikes. Our next step is the development of the Adler as a testing prototype in order to bring a product to market.



3 thoughts on “Enclosed Bikes

  1. Hi Eliel, An opinion (one lousy data point): It might help to have the video present a standalone argument for purchase. It’s hard for me to answer some crucial questions using only this video, for example:
    1. Can you ride it in the street? Apparently not.
    2. How steep of a hill can you ride? Again, the video is entirely on flat ground.
    3. What is the top speed with human plus motor?
    4. What is the range of a fully charged vehicle for riders of 110, 150, 200, 250 pounds traveling on flat ground?
    5. Is there any space for cargo at all?

    Etc. I do not mean to be critical at all. I’m an alt-trans nut, own an electric scooter and a 2000 Insight, subscribe to the Electric Bike Report, read everything I can on eHuman transport, and I wish you the very best of success. Mac McDougal (mac at i2eyedesign dot com)


    • Hi Mac,
      Thank you for writing. I don’t feel that you’re critical at all. Some of the questions you have are in a different video that I have not made public yet since it will be the video for the kickstarter campaign. What you see in the video is only a prototype just to show the concept and the design. The reason the video is on level ground is because I live in Illinois. It’s hard to find a hill around here. Being a prototype it doesn’t have the 750watts motor that will be in the production vehicle. You can ride in the street, just as you would a bicycle. I have done that even with the very small motor that it has now on it. The 750watts motor will be limited to 20 miles per hour, that is the federal law to be considered a bicycle and to be ridden in the sidewalks or wherever a bicycle can go. Nonetheless, if you accelerate the electric motor to 20 miles per hour and then with the inertia you pedal you will go faster. How fast? It will depend on many things, but I believe around 30 miles per hour can be achievable. The hill question it’s hard to know at this point. I’m conversation with two different motor providers. Both motors will do well in steep hills. The 750 watts motor is the largest you can have in a bicycle. It will be a hub motor with a large diameter which makes for greater torque. The range would be about 30 miles for a 150 pound person on flat ground. It has space for cargo behind the seat and a small pocket in front for small items. I hope that helps some.


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